5 String Bass: Complete Book of Scales, Modes, and Chords, by Brian Emmel. Centerstream Publications, 118 pages, $9.95.

This thick text contains literally hundreds of chords, scales, and modes diagrammed and explained for five string fretless and fretted basses. Lots of vital chords and scales are covered in a very easy-to-read manner, using diagrams, tab, standard notation, and other unique methods. Mega important info like diatonic triads are also shown, as well as many different scales and modes. This is probably one of the best books around for those who like their five string served up with big bold examples, and Emmel utilizes many different presentations. 5 String Bass is appealing to just about any player wanting to learn these concepts specifically written for this instrument. There is very little text, and you will have to learn a little note reading if you want to absorb the whole book. This is not a line reading book, but simply a roadmap of the 5 string bass. If you've just gotten your first 5 string and scale/chord terminology is new to you, check this one out. Also makes a great reference.


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