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A musician most of his life, Lane Baldwin brings a wealth of knowledge born of experience to his role as bassist and educator. Having developed a reputation as a rock solid player, he has been a top call for many of the mid-atlantic region's most noted artists. During a career that has spanned more than twenty-five years and six continents, Lane has recorded and performed with countless artists in a vast array of styles. Check out the Client's page on Lane's web site for a list of some of Lane's past and present clients.

As principal bassist for Wally Cleaver's Recording, Lane has worked with producers Peter Bonta, Chris Salamone, Jeff Covert and Pete Fields adding his unique style to numerous projects. Lane's work can be heard on hundreds of demos and recordings from this, one of DC's most acclaimed studios.

A major highlight of Lane's career as a bassist is the time spent studying with Carol Kaye, perhaps the world's most recorded bassist. While in Monterey, CA, Lane studied with Kaye for several months. Baldwin says of the experience, "Carol taught me far more than just some cool, new licks and riffs; she taught me how to center myself in what I was playing, to truly speak from the soul. With her help, I learned to speak with my own unique voice."

Lane's goal as a bassist is also his motto: Rock Solid & Pocket Wise. His work has been described as elegant yet powerful. A master of understatement, he is most proud of the work that led DC's best known producer to call his lines "deceptively simple". His solos are lyrical without flash for flash's sake, a credit to his years of classical training.

When not touring, Lane spends most of his time in Richmond, VA with his wife, Eva-Marie, three dogs and one misguided cat. He continues as Wally Cleaver's principal bassist as well as performing live around the world. Lane is accepting a limited number of students of all levels from beginner to advanced intermediate.

Price: $25.00 per one hour lesson

Availability: Monday-Thursday evenings - Saturdays by special appointment

Main styles: Blues, Rock (all styles), R&B, Funk, Intro to Jazz, Country, Folk

Concepts: Basic Theory, How to Learn, How to build a bassline, How to develop your own style, Understanding the mechanics of Bass, How to get (and KEEP) a gig, Reading (standard notation, chord charts, Nashville numbering system, fake books), bass chords, harmonics, tapping, slap, finger style, picking techniques, Difference between working with a band and a soloist, How to GROOVE. Warning: NO TAB!!

Levels: Beginner to advanced, intermediate

Texts: Various, depending on student's needs

Required attitudes: You don't have to aspire to be a pro, but I require my students to have a true desire to learn the instrument, not just pose. If you are not willing to practice, don't waste my time or yours. If you are willing to put the work in, you WILL succeed. Whether you want to play bass for a living, or simply jam with your friends, I can help you accomplish your goals, but only if you are willing to invest some time.

Experience: 27 years on the instrument, 20 as professional and educator. Protege of Carol Kaye. Toured and recorded in all styles except Rap and Opera. Currently developing lesson book to be published in late '98/early '99. Endorser for Eden Electronics

Main influences: Carol Kaye, Jack Bruce, Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, Chris Squire, Tony Levin, James Jamerson, Duck Dunn, Willie Dixon, Johnny B. Gayden, Stu Hamm, Vic Wooten, Gary Willis, Me'shell, Scott Ambush, Sting, Bach (Jack Bruce called him "the guv'nor of all bassists), and about ninety-twelve others.

Venue: home studio. Will travel to student's home - travel time charged to student.


Favorite Quote:

Ask not what bass can do for you...Ask what YOU can do for Bass



Phone: 804-744-9644


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