Belmont, Massachusetts

Oz Barron

Phone: 617-308-0124

E-mail: oz@ozbarron.com

Lesson price per hour: $40

Availibilty : During the week

Main styles, concepts taught: Styles aren't as important as I teach music! You'll learn to read (if you don't already) and proper technique is stressed. Hey, It's easier that way! Lessons are low key but full of meaning. We'll cover chord theory, scales, the history of the instrument, and whatever we nee dto to get where you want to go.

Instruments Taught: Fretted, Fretless electric. 4 to 6 String.

Levels taught: Beginner to advanced

Required texts: Bring an open mind, and some music paper. I like Carol Kaye's books or anything else that's fun to read and play!

Experience (teaching, professional, gig): Almost 25 years of bass playing, about 20 years (off and on) of teaching. Played in every kind of band, including bluegrass, folk, rock, metal, jazz, blues, and Hawaiian Floor Shows. Have played at the Newport Folk Festival, and performed with Alison Krauss, Vasser Clemens, Matt Glaser, Peter Rowan, and others.

Main influences: Sting, Miles, you name it.

Teaching venue: Home studio.


"Music is about the best thing you can do. It really IS the universal language. You can play music with anyone from any part of the world and really communicate. I teach because I love the interaction with other musicians. I love to get my mind and yours out of the ruts they're worn into. Like I said, music is just about the best thing you can do, so do it with Love and Respect."

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