Longview, Washington

Phone: (360) 414-9386


Lesson price per hour: $20.00

Availability : Mostly days, some nights

Main styles, concepts taught: all styles, but emphasis on theory

Instrument Taught: 4 string

Levels taught: Beginner and intermediate

Required texts: I provide the text, but student required to have own metronome

Experience (teaching, professional, gig): teaching 9 years, former bassist and lead singer for Equinox, current project giging with NW circuit band, The Cheap Seats

Main influences: Jaco, Geddy, McCartney, Jeff Berlin, Stu Hamm, Jack Bruce, Squire, John Paul Jones

Teaching venue: Home


"One of the most important things a bassist needs to learn is how to play in time. The audience will first react to the rhythm and groove of a song, and recognize melody second. Bass is all about groove. Groove is about feeling and time; truly playing with your drummer. That's where the most memorable bass lines come from. Any instructor out there can teach you how to play Red Barchetta. I'm more interested in teaching you how and why Red Barchetta works."

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