Frode Berg

Oslo, Norway

Address: Odinsgt.4

City: N-0266 Oslo


Phone:+47 22 44 59 79


Lesson price per hour:NKR : 300 ($50)

Availibilty : Varies

Main styles, concepts taught: Jazz/pop/grooves/technique/soloing/slap

Instruments Taught (fretless, URB, 4-string, etc): 4 string, 5-string, 6-string, fretless, upright, arco upright

Levels taught: intermediate/advanced

Required texts: NA

Experience (teaching, professional, gig): Working at the Norwegian state academy, and University of Oslo. Gigged with Donna Summer, Shirley Bassey, Pavarotti, Art Garfunkel, Frank Gambale, Danny Gottlieb and all Norwegian artists

Main influences: Anthony Jackson, Charie Haden, John Patitucci, etc

Teaching venue (home studio, music store, school): Rehearsal facility

Any statement you wish to make about teaching, playing, gigging, etc:

SWR, Fernandes, EMG and DR endorsee. Many years gigging experience. Vast knowledge of Jazz reportoire.


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