Hollywood, CA


Bunny Brunel


The Carvin store (213) 851-4200.

Hollywood, CA


Few musicians possess a mastery of their instrument like Bunny Brunel. Since his days as a sideman for CHICK COREA, HERBIE HANCOCK WAYNE SHORTER and TONY WILLIAMS, Bunny Brunel has been recognized as one of the leading masters of both the acoustic upright bass and electric bass and pioneer of the bass synthesizer.


In the studio and on tour, he has performed with a heady roster of giants. AL JARREAU, NATHALIE COLE, LARRY CORYELL, AL DIMEOLA, KAZUMI WATANABE, JOACHIM KUHN and JOE FARRELL, are just some of the great performers Brunel has collaborated with.


Besides his work as a performer, he is equally at home in the roles of composer, arranger, producer and designer. As a soundtrack composer Bunny collaborated with Clint Eastwood in creating the main theme (Claudia's theme) for the award winning film, "The Unforgiven". He is currently working on several TV shows, including the popular series "Highlander". As a designer, Bunny created a line of electric bass guitars for CARVIN Co. and an electric upright bass for CORT. Bunny has released five wonderful solo albums: "MOMENTUM", "IVANHOE", "TOUCH", "DEDICATION," and "FOR YOU TO PLAY" which have been released by Muffin Records. These projects highlight his beautiful compositions and melodic solos and show off breathtaking bass lines.




Bass lessons by Bunny Brunel are given at the CARVIN store in Hollywood. The lessons are about 1 hour and the price is $65 per lesson. All aspects of the bass are covered: fingerings (right and left hand), slapping, modes, chords and harmony, creating bass lines, improvisation and sight reading, etc.. No beginners, the student needs to know how to play a little bit, no reading required. Send your telephone number to Bunny's E-mail address: jazzbass@westworld.com, or leave your number at the Carvin store (213) 851-4200. For more info on teaching product, the home page is: http://www.westworld.com/~jazzbass/


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