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Mark A Corradetti teaches privately and by correspondence out of Nashville, TN. His company, MAC ENTERPRISES, also has his bass books. They aso produce the MUSICMASTER line of book/cass play along packages for guitar and bass. If you'd like a brochure, please write to POB 140808, nashville, TN 37214 or call 615-365-8052.


Mark is from New Jersey, and attended Berklee, ('84-'87), where he studied with Bruce Gertz, Whit Browne, and majored in Bass Performance. Whille in Boston, he played in cover bands, studio sessions, and original bands before going out to sea as a cruise ship bassist. Mark hated that lifestyle, so he went to his native New Jersey and played around New York doing casuals, sessions, and whatever came along. Not being happy with that, Mark moved with his wife, Laura to Nashville TN in 1994, so he could hopefuly become a session bassist in the booming Nashville music community. In Nashville, Mark is president of the Berklee Alumni Association, is a columnist for Bass Frontiers magazine, private instructor and runs his companies, and keeps a full schedule of recording dates.

Mark currently plays with an original group called: Art for Ears. They play around Nashville, and their style is very groove oriented jazz-rock-funk with vocals. Mark also plays many demo and custom record sessions and the styles of those sessions range from commercial jingles to country to soft rock. Mark's influences vary from Jaco Pastorius to Will Lee to all those in between who play cool bass parts and compose nice solos too, in all styles!

Mark's lessons are very unique in that they allow the student to explore the styles that they choose. By dissecting the musicianship out of carefully selected songs and pieces, the student will learn to hear music not just from the bass aspect, but the entire picture. Mark stresses ear training, and not licks and tricks, as well as a good backbone of reading, theory, and feel. If you go the distance with Mark, you will be able to: 1) play original, appropriate parts 2) communicate to others in music lingo, what you wish them to play 3) be prepared for college music courses. 4) be well versed in most contemporary styles, reading, slapping, support playing, soloing concepts. 5.) how to be a leader 6.) home-made bread 7) bass concepts that will get you hired 8) musical information as it applies to the bass 9) things that you can take home (written work, tapes), and work with.10.) Personalized attention according to your needs and desires.


What you don't get from Mark:


1.) Licks, tricks and speed

2.) technique overload

3.) bass part transcription during lesson time (you do this at home!)

4.) I don't keep your head in a book


Mark's private lessons cost $30 per hour, (no 1/2 hours, please), and he has a nice teaching location in his house in a convenient part of Nashville near Percy Priest Lake. Written material, CD's, tapes, books, etc. is available. All you need is a book of staff paper, and bring any books that you have been learning from as well as favorite music. Beginners are welcome, as well as int. to advanced players that maybe need some reading work, or theory/harmony help. Correspondence students require a phone call and questionnaire, please call for brochure.


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