Mario Daou


Mario's statement:

"My name is Maroun Daou, but they call me Mario. I'm a 31 year old bass player, and I live in Lebanon. I have been playing bass for more than 15 years, and play both electric fretted and fretless bass. I love this instrument so much and learned to play on my own. At the age of 20, I had a brain hemorrhage (I had a malformation in arteries and veins) that could have been fatal to me. I survived but had to start my music education again from zero (I forgot how to play bass among other things). Anyway, it was nice to be back, but it was a long, painful, and hard recovery. I started all over again , studying by myself, playing more than 15 hours a day.

It is also known that we were living a terrible war (20 years of war); this didn't make things easier. I had to take my bass, and go down to the underground to hide from bombs, and practice there.

Lebanon is a small country, where music universities or music teacher just don't exist. Since I became a good bass player, I wanted to share this love for music and bass to all those who can't just make it on their own. I'm now teaching some fellows, and my best reward is to see them play good, and love music as much as I do. I think Music is

something that shouldn't be kept for oneself; It's something to be shared and given. If you do keep music for yourself, it would probably fade and die.

I have been helped by a great Musician and Teacher: Carol Kaye. Thanks to her very wide and deep experience (and to her friendship too), she gave me just what I needed and assured me that It was my turn now to teach and help.

I'm in the Jazz style and have been very influenced with Jaco Pastorius my favorite musicians : Carol Kaye, Jeff Berlin, Jaco Pastorius.

I also like John Coltrane, Charlie Parker , Michael Brecker, Miles Davis Pat Martino, Joe Pass, Pat Metheny ...Oscar Peterson, Joe Zawinul, ...Saxophonists, guitarists and keyboardists, have also expended my knowledge (I have their books and turn them to bass key).(one of Carol's great books too is the : Pro Jazz Phrases )

Being a teacher is a noble mission. Since I have friendly relations with my students, I'm more concerned to encourage them, help them, support them, and of course, teach them."

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