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Marc D. Ensign

New Jersey


Marc D. Ensign is a professional electric bass player, instructor, and author residing in Northern New Jersey, 15 minutes from New York City. As an honors graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, Marc has and continues to perform in various different funk, jazz, soul, R&B, and fusion, bands, studio sessions, and Broadway shows all over the world. Most recently Marc can be heard playing with R. Kelly (V.I.P.) and The Darren Lyons Group.

Aside from performing, Marc's writing credits include instructional books released by Mel Bay Publications entitled "Slappin': A Complete Study of Slap Technique for Bass," "The Groove Book: A Study of Musical Styles for Bass" (scheduled for release January 1998), and featured articles for Bass Frontiers and Bass Player Magazine.

To stay "in tune" with his career, visit, or e-mail

Price - $20 per half hour, $30 per hour

Availibilty: Available on weekday mornings, afternoons, and evenings

Main styles, concepts taught: Funk, Slap, R&B, Jazz, Theory, Technique,

and basically everything else.

Levels taught: All. From very beginner to very advanced.

Required texts: Depends on the student.

Venue : my house


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