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David Gross is the Contributing Editor for Bassics Magazine, a writer for Bass Frontiers, and the author of "Teach Yourself Rock Bass," "Improvising Rock Bass," "Teach Yourself Fretless Bass," "Heavy Metal Riffs for Bass,"and the recently released "Harmonic Colours For Bass," He has also released the videos "Teach Yourself Rock Bass," "Mastering the Electric Bass Vol. 1 & 2," and the soon to be released video, book, and CD "Mastering The Six String Bass."

David has toured and recorded with Michael Bolton, Stephen Stills, Sonny Sharrock, Bette Midler, and has appeared on numerous jingles and record dates.

His influences include Robert Fripp, Ornette Coleman, Percy Jones, Jaco Pastorious, Mick Karn, The Beatles, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Weather Report, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, and Contemporary Classical Music.

David's statement:

"Each student will have a course designed specific to their needs. Harmony, Technique, Ear Training, and overall Musicianship will be stressed. Styles taught include, Funk, Rock, Walking lines, Jazz, and the Avant Garde.

Besides utilizing my method books, I use "Reading in 4/4 Time" by Louis Bellson and Gil Brienes, "The Charlie Parker Omnibook for Bass Clef," "Bach Cello Suites," "The Real Book," and "The Theasuarus of Scales and Melodic Patterns" by Nicholas Slonimsky.

I teach all levels but require dedication by my students. My fee is $65 per hour and I require payment for 4 weeks in advance."



"My Correspondence Course will be tailored to your specific needs and desires. In regards to technique, I have a number of excersises that will increase your right and left hand strength and increase dexterity all over your neck. These are not mindless finger excersises but real musical examples that will give the added benefit of improving your ears! I will includes excersises to develop the third and fourth fingers of your picking hand! I will also give you pointers on playing with a pick if you so desire.

I also have a number of tips to help you improvise which include chord studies and the proper use of scales and passing tones. Walking lines are also discussed and analyzed. Arpeggios are examined in a new way to facilitate intervallic awareness all over the neck whether you use a 4 string, 5 string, or 6 string bass.

Reading music is stressed in a graduated way that helps you with both notes and rhythms. Music from the classics to modern jazz will be suggested.

My correspondence program integrates all aspects of ear training in a systematic way. I will give you pointers on how to listen to CD's and transcribe lines from these recordings. All of these excersises will help you to create better basslines and solos and will improve your overall musicianship.


My main goal is to make you a better musician whether you are a beginner or more advanced. I will suggest CD's and books that will help to develop your understanding of the particular style you are involved in. I will record examples from my CD library if it is hard for you to get them.


My price is $200 in advance for 4 lessons. We work from a cassette tape. Side A is my lesson and Side B is your side to illustrate your homework assignments. For the first lesson you send a representative tape of your abilities, styles, and overall musicianship. Tell me what you are looking for and I will set up a program to help you reach your goals."


Email David Gross at: 144music@spyral.net


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