Gustavo Gregorio

Osaka, Japan



Born in Buenos Aires,Argentina,and also an Italian Citizen, he began playing and studying guitar at 14 years old,changing to bass at his 20. In all these years he has played with a wide diverse kind of bands and groups in almost every style, recorded 8 records on major labels in Argentina and Spain,composed and arranged for theatre, cinema and soloists and bands, wrote two methods for bass and guitar,etc.

He studied for a while in Argentina in the City Conservatory and privately,and on 1988 he received a scholarship to study at Berklee college in Boston,USA,graduating on May 91 as a "FilmScoring" major,receiving a Professional Performance Award on April 1991.

Married with pianist-composer-arranger Yumiko Murakami, he's actually living in Osaka,Japan,leading his own bands, GREGORIO'S MOVIE (Latin-Folk Fusion) and ADOKIN (Contemporary Tango) and composing-arranging for different projects and artists.

He also played, produced and wrote a piece for the Yumikonian's Orchestra CD released in 1994. In May 1996, Gregorio's Movie released his first CD,"MAMBONGA",on LIAO Records. Next projects include the release, in 1998, of the first CD of ADOKIN, his Tango-Jazz band,called "Tangostinato".

As a writer, he released the first "music minus one type" bass method for spanish speaking countries called "Cuatro Cuerdas"(Four Strings)on 1987.Soon after,with the help of guitarrist Miguel "Botafogo"Vilanova,also released "Seis Cuerdas"(Six Strings)also the first but for guitar.On January 1998,Ricordi Editors released his second bass method called "Bajo Bassico".

In Japan,along with charango player Luis Sartor,also from Argentina,he edited on April 1998 the most complete charango method in the world,"Charango Master". (The Charango is an andean instrument,a kind of guitar,with 5 double strings,originally made with the body of an armadillo).

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