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Ear Training Practice CD for Bassists

This audio CD gives you the basic tools to develop ear training concepts, and can be used with or without ESSENTIAL MUSIC THEORY FOR ELECTRIC BASS. Contrary to popular myths about the need for perfect pitch, developing RELATIVE PITCH is the method that is most often taught and used by the world's greatest musicians and music educators. 

EMTFEB Ear Training Practice CD contains the following concepts to help strengthen relative pitch:

  1. Identifying Scales (major, minor, harmonic minor, dorian, melodic minor).  Repeated examples test your knowledge of these scales.
  2. Identifying Intervals.  One of the most overlooked, but most important facets of harmony.
  3. Identifying Intervals On Various Roots.
  4. Identifying Triads (major, minor, augmented, diminished, suspended). One of the most important concepts a bassist should know.
  5. Identifying 7th Chords (maj 7th, dominant 7th, min/maj 7th, min7th, aug/maj7, aug 7th, half diminished, fully diminished, sus 7th).
  6. Identifying Major Scale Sequences.  The precursor to hearing chord progressions by ear.
  7. Identifying Minor Scale Sequences.  The same as #6, except your ear gets a workout in a minor key.
  8. Identifying Triads On Various Roots.  Now that you have your triads together, see if you can identify the chord quality when it is moved around the finger board a bit.
  9. Identifying 7th Chords On Various Roots.


This CD will enable you to hear these concepts without the aid of your bass or other musical instrument!  It is essential that you practice ear training without using your bass, and that you sing along with the examples to gain a full understanding (you may want to find a private place to practice!).

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