Essential Music Theory For Electric Bass is listed as a Recommended bass resource for building a bass teacher's library in the July 2000 issue of Bass Player Magazine, page 48.  EMTFEB  was the only independently published book in this section.

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"The big, bold examples and loose ring-bound spine make this a very handy workbook for instructors and students."

---- Bass Frontiers Magazine, Nov/Dec 1996

"Robby really went the extra mile with the thoroughness of the review questions. It will give the beginning bassist something to work on."

---- John Adams, Professor of Jazz Bass, University of North Texas

"Robby Garner has managed to put together THE most comprehensive harmony and theory book for bassists.  It's a must have for players of all levels."

---- Dino Monoxelos, B.I.T bass instructor

"I've never seen a book that so clearly and concisely explains music theory.  This is truly a great book."

---- C. Brian Batey,  Watauga, Texas

"Essential Music Theory For Electric Bass is a very thorough and well organized book.  It contains all the important information you need to develop an understanding of how the bass functions musically."

---- Ed Friedland, contributing editor at Bass Player magazine, author

"This book is a 'must have.' It's the best I've seen for bass players and it works as well for beginners as for pros."

---- Mats Hagervik, author of the "Bass Lobster Homepage," and bass instructor at "Det Lilla Musikinstitutet" in Gothenburg, Sweden.

"...the writing is clear and concise- a good way of looking at intervals, scales, and chords.  Also, the tone of the book is inviting and humble. These are rare qualities in instructional books."

---- Chip Boaz, San Francisco bass instructor

"Excellent book.  I have really learned a lot."

---- Keith P. ,  Michigan

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