Nicholas King

Palm Desert, California


Nicholas King

72 848 Bel Air Rd.

Palm Desert, California 92260

Phone: 760-779-0453



Availibilty : Anytime

Main styles, concepts taught: Funk, Jazz & Blues, Slap & Pop, Tapping, Scales, Musical Theory (how to read music)

Instruments Taught: fretless, 4, 5, 6string, acoustic

Levels taught: Beginning, Intermediate, Advance

Experience (teaching, professional, gig): 4 years of playing bass almost


Main influences: Les Claypool (Primus), Trevor Roy Dunn (Mr. Bungle)

Teaching venue (home studio, music store, school): Home


"I believe that students have a right to what they like. I'm not going to force any of my own style upon a student. I believe the student needs to develop his own unique and singular style. I plan to help and guide, and recomend. However, I want to make sure the student learns the basics, so that he or she can have a firm root in the basic pricipals of music."

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