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Steve's statement:

"I've been playing for just over 10 years and I studied for 2 years at Perth Rock School in Scotland. Whilst I was there, I was also the Head Of Bass at West Lothian Rock School, in Bathgate, Scotland. Since then I have been teaching privately, gigging and doing session work. I currently teach rhythm section skills at DrumTech in London and write for Bassist magazine, including the 'Bassist Guide To Jazz' column.

Various students of mine have gone on to study music at University level, but have also chosen to continue studying with me to compliment their degree studies. I teach all levels from beginner to pro, and cover theory and technique, improvising, reading, soloing, unaccompanied bass, grooving with a drummer, playing in different styles, working with a metronome, using effects, etc.

I am based in North London (England!), and teach at home.I charge £15.00 per hour, or £12.00 per hour for students in full time education. It is sometimes possible for me to travel to you, and rates vary depending on the distance and time involved. I tend to teach one to one, but am flexible if you have friends that you want to study with, again rates would vary according the exact specifications.

Lessons are booked and paid for one month in advance and 24 hours notice is required to move the lesson to another date within that week, otherwise the lesson is forfeited.

I use various books and write a lot of my teaching materials myself. The course of study is always tailor made for the student, respecting the fact that all bass players are different and progress at different paces."

For more info e-mail me at or call me on 0966 23 50 72

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