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Dann Glenn

Electric 5-string Fretless

Song title: False Horizon, from the CD "Octavia"

  download falsehorizon.mp3

approx. 5 mb

 Theorcolus, David Gross

6 String Bass

Song title: Seitan Takes A Solo, from the CD, "Theorcolus"


 download seitansolo.mp3

approx. 4.5 mb

  John Adams

Acoustic jazz bass, arco and pizz

Song title: In the Madness of My Being There, from the CD "Fly By Night"

Congruent Music


 download madness.mp3

track time: 5:30, 5.28 mb

 Adam Nitti

5 and 6 string electric basses

Song title: Skitzo, from the CD "Balance"

 download skitzo.mp3

track time: 5:57, 5.56 mb

 Ray Riendeau

4 string electric tuned A-D-G-C

Song title: Liquid, from the CD "All Funked Up"



 download liquid.mp3


track time: 2:19, 2.18 mb

 Peter Williams

Electric basses

Song title: Megan's Room, from the CD "Everything Ain't Always Everything"


 download megansroom.mp3

track time: 2:27, 2.31 mb

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