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Peter Murray

Toronto, Canada


Peter is a bassist, author, writer and teacher working in Toronto, Canada. His book, Essential Bass Technique (Mel Bay Publications), recieved an A+ rating in Bass Player magazine and endorsements from Michael Manring, Steve Bailey, Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith), Alain Caron, Billy Sheehan, Mark Egan and others. He's the bass player for surrender dorothy (Universal Records). The band released their debut album "serum" in 1997, and has toured Europe six times and played extensively in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. (check out s.d. at


As a freelance journalist, Peter has interviewed over 25 bassists including Claypool, Manring, Doug Pinnick (King's X), Berlin, Pattitucci, Kaye, Wooten, Willis and many others. He interviewed Alain Caron for a Bass Player cover story in '96, and had a regular bass column in Canadian Musician magazine from 1992-'96. Peter's live and studio gigs have included appearances with Carmine Appice (Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck), Rob Affuso (Skid Row), Alain Caron, Paul DeLong, Tony Springer, The Dexters and many others. He jobs with all kinds of original and cover bands in the Toronto area.

Peter endorses Eden, DR, Seymour Duncan Basslines and Visual Sound.

Price: $30 CDN /hr.

Availibilty: I'm currently touring about 3-4 months out of the year. Contact for availability.

Main styles, concepts taught: Main styles: rock, pop, blues, R&B, funk, alternative, metal

Main concepts taught: role and philosophy of the bass player, musicality and music appreciation, ingraining technique and theory, developing your own voice on the instrument, creative and melodic writing concepts, practical team playing

Levels taught: All levels

Required texts: None. Recommended: my book, Essential Bass Technique (Mel Bay Publications)

Required attitudes (from students): Positive attitude, enthusiasm for playing and practicing. Must have a current practical outlet, i.e. a band of some kind.

Experience: Teaching since 1989, pro gigging and recording since 1981

Main influences: Paul McCartney/Beatles, John Paul Jones, Jaco, Hendrix, Colin Moulding (XTC), James Brown, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Robbie Shakespeare, Mark King

Venue: Home studio

Peter Murray

surrender dorothy / Thermidor Music

(416) 966-2562


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