Dean Peer

Waimanalo, Hawaii


Dean Peer

(808) 259-7249


Lesson price per hour: Call

Lesson price per half hour: Call

Availability : call

Instruments Taught: fretless, 4-5-6-string, ORB

Levels taught: all

Current Core texts: Simandl Double Bass Method, Rhythmic Reading/John Dewitt, Real book, Standing in the Shadows of Motown, The evolving bassist/Rufus Reed, Vocal Rhythm Etudes/Bill Douglas, Harmonics for the solo and ensemble bassist.


Internationally acclaimed solo Bass artist with three solo records and a writer for: Warner Bros. Music Publishing, Bass player, Bass Frontiers, and Guitar Player magazines. Winner of the ASCAP Popular Music Award (1992) and a 1994 NEA recipient. B.S. Music, University of Colorado; 20 years teaching experience. beginning to professional.


"I teach you to take care of yourself. My goal, is to have you be able to thrive in any musical setting. I put forward a strong emphasis on Time, Phrasing & Technique. Good sight reading skills are one of the byproducts of my course. I have many successful students from over the years. Some have gone on to sign record contracts with major labels. I have students come to me as working professional musicians ( i.e. Gigging players, High School band teachers, US Navy, USMC, bass players etc.) or as beginners.

The atmosphere in which you study is very important. I try to maintain a neutral environment where you can develop patterns of success. I tailor the presenting of materials in a sequence that will have the most impact on a particular student. I teach via the internet, and my studio in Hawaii.

Teaching venue: home studio, internet, US mail.


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