"Purrfect 4 String Bass Method," by Brian Emmel. Centerstream Publ., 1996, 56 pages, US$9.95.

Written with the cat-loving beginner in mind, Emmel offers a beginning musical approach for the 4-slinger. If it had been titled "Beginning Music For Bass," a lot of people may have unfairly looked the other way before picking up this book. So just what is the Purrfect Method? Past the cover there is no other mention of the Super Bass Cat (consider it his first comic appearance, instantly collectible), and nothing but good ol' note reading and rhythm studies for the beginner. Not a TAB staff in sight. All of the studies throughout the book are written from the open position to the 4th position (the position that begins with your 1st finger on the 4th fret), and all of the essential reading stuff is here: Time signatures, key signatures, chords and arpeggios, rhythms, and chord studies in all 12 keys. If you have been putting off reading because you're not comfortable in the upper register yet, this is a great place to start.

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