"The New Real Book, Volume 3 in Bass Clef," edited by Chuck Sher, Sher Music. 423 pages, $38.00.

Like its fellows Volume 1 & 2, NRB Vol. 3 is a fat book of of standard tune fake sheets. But unlike the first two, this baby is available in bass clef. Everybody knows that reading the treble clef books are great practice (the chord symbols are there, too), but there's something really cool about having the bass clef version. For jazz, volumes 1 and 2 are the ultimate must-have, and the bass clef Volume 3 falls right in with the rest.

Volume 3 also contains a wide variety of standard and often played tunes like On Green Dolphin St., In A Sentimental Mood, and I Got It Bad, plus sections devoted to Stevie Wonder, Motown, Modern Pop, and contemporary jazz like Chick Corea and the Yellowjackets. You may want to start taking it to your wedding, pop, and R&B gigs in addition to the jazz.

If $38 seems a little more than you pay for a book, just remember that page for page, this is one of the better buys on the bass shelf. Sher's a bass player himself, and his books are simply of the best quality you'll find from any publisher. Get this book (and the others), and if enough bass players bug him, maybe he'll publish Volumes 1 and 2 in bass clef as well. Though many different publishers produce fake and real books, these books are the music industry standard. All three are essential for voluminous tune reference.

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