Book Reading Contemporary Electric Bass Rhythms, by Rich Appleman. Berklee Press/Hal Leonard, 1983. 111 pages, US $10.95.

Reading Contemporary Electric Bass Rhythms is a note reading book for electric bass that focuses on the practical, with a few odd challenges thrown in. The first few pages are very simple quarter note and eighth note rhythm studies that quickly progress into tunes that you just may actually incur on the gig. Latin, pop, walking jazz, and theatre are among the styles represented, and they very accurately represent the stuff I've seen on these type of gigs. For a student, this book is a blessing. Since I've been using it with my students, I've found that the monotony of a dry etude book is replaced with something a little more challenging and interesting at every lesson. In one month of weekly lessons, a student may sample up to three or four music styles at a reasonable pace. And one other thing- there are no chord symbols or changes above the staves. This is strictly for note reading.

Interested parties may seek it directly from Hal Leonard's website at, or by calling 1(414)774-3630 and requesting a free catalog.

Robby Garner

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