Boston, Mass.

Joe Santerre started playing bass at age 13. One of the first bands he was in was with 2 bass players. The rhythm guitar parts were played by Joe on a Fender Precision, and this was the beginning of a unique style. Mixing this experience with his sense of groove, Joe began to develop his own voice on the bass.

Many years and experiences later Joe now plays 6 string bass in a wide variety of musical situations. Some of which is the traditional role of the bass, the foundation, and on others he uses chords and tapping to establish a groove/rhythm 'thing'.

Joe is an Associate Professor in the Bass Department at Berklee College of Music where he teaches everything from private lessons, to labs, to ensembles. The material he uses in his teaching varys depending on each students wants and needs. The basics are learned first: proper technique, scales, basic grooves (always with an emphasis on time and feel!). If a student is further along, then more specialized material may be covered, such as; slapping, improvisation, chords & harmonics, transcribing etc. Again, first things first, learn the neck and be able to 'hold down the groove'!

Many of Joe's ideas and teaching techniques can be seen in Bass Frontiers Magazine where he is a staff writer and has been since its' beginning in 1993. Joe has performed with people like Tom Coster, Joey Franco, Dave LaRue, Terri Lynn Carrington, John Petrucci, Andy Timmons, Steve Morse, Vinnie Moore, and Jon Finn. Also, in 1993 he performed on Jon Finns song 'Always A Bridesmaid' on Guitar On The Edge Vol. 1 No. 3 and Stained Glass by Sarah Burrill on Feather Records. Also he plays on the Jon Finn Group CD Don't Look So Serious on Legato Records.

In 1994 Joe Santerres' debut solo album, Straight Shooter, was released. In 1997 he released The Scenic Route on AudioImage Records.

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