Dallas, Texas



Lesson price per hour: $25.00

Lesson price per half hour: $15.00

Availibilty :Tuesday-afternoon and evenings Saturday afternoons possibly other times

Main styles, concepts taught: Blues, Funk, Jazz, Rock, R&B. I try to pass on the building blocks of bassline construction and the main characteristics of each style. I really push making it feel right and feeling the groove.

Instruments Taught: 4,5 string,fretless,

Levels taught:Begining up to the college level

Required texts: For many bassists wanting to walk I recommend Building Walking Bassline s by Ed Freidland. I use several other books depending on what needs to be developed. For Slap Bass I recommend Funk Bass by Jon Liebman.

Experience: I've been teaching at Zoo Music for 4 yrs. Before that I taught for 3 years out of my home. I've been playing professionally in Dallas since 1985. Playing in groups that range from classic rock to pop Jazz. I host a top jam session in Dallas on Tuesdays at O'riley's that is a real hit among Bassists and drummers. I'm currently the leader of a group called FILET OF SOUL. I was selected to be Buddy Magazine Texas Tornado this year an honor bestowed on several bassists from around Texas each year by Buddy Magazine.

Main influences: Chuck Rainey my first good teacher and a true inspiration to me, John Adams, Miles Davis, Jaco, Maceo Parker, George Porter, Jr.

Teaching venue:Either Zoo Music in East Dallas or My home in North Dallas.

Statement: I have been blessed with a chance to make music my livelihood and I want to pass on my love of music to others. Even if I couldn't make this a living, I would still play music all the time- it's definitely not just a job to me. It's a way of life.

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