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Posted by JTM on February 19, 2001 at 12:38:24:

In Reply to: more volume+no feedback - is it possible posted by kevin fox on February 14, 2001 at 01:03:16:

This is a problem with many possible answers, the right answer depends on your situation and your taste and sound desires.

First, spend time with the EQ section of your amp. If you have only bass, mid, treble, set the amp so that you hear feedback then crank, one-at-a-time, each EQ knob until the feedback worsens. You've now identified the proper knob to reduce then turn up the volume. Better yet, if you have a semi parametic EQ section like the SWR SM 900 this gives you more ability to lose feedback but keep you sound - follow the same procedure as above. The idea here is to reduce just the tone of the feedback, then boost the volume of everything else - this will get you some more volume. Second is to try different speaker cabinets or cabinet combinations (a little hard if you're usuing a combo). I find that most of my feedback comnes from larger speaker cabinets like 15". Try a 2X10 for starters. Third, try differnet positions for the bass relative to where your amp is placed, somtimes standing just a little to the side can help. You can take this to the extreme by standing next to or even slightly behind the amp but in this case you may need to use a small combo for a monitor. Fourth, run you sound through the PA for more volume. If your using a pickup directly into your amp, then use the DI out to the PA. If your using a preamp, go out from the preamp into the PA. If your using the Fishman Blender, then you can try several different combinations - mic out, pickup out, blend out etc. or just mic your cabinet. Experiment in your practice studio with these strategies and find the best one that works for you. Any of these will get you more volume, combining strategies may get you lots more volume.

Good luck,


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