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Posted by steve on February 28, 2001 at 13:20:40:

In Reply to: Re: Cremona Basses? posted by Armenta on February 28, 2001 at 11:17:03:

: : : Does anyone know anything about Cremona basses? I was thinking about purchasing one to learn on and I was wondering if anyone was familiar with them. How is their tone? How much are they worth? Thanks!

: : I purchased a chinese 'copy' of cremona about 10 years ago at a NAMM show. it was very inexpensive (i purchased it as an extra instrument for students) and i thought it would come in handy. i think i paid less than $800 for it. it needed a lot of work right away, neck sanding, fingerboard planing, new tail piece, bridge, nut, sound post, gears, end pin, basically all except the main body of the instrument! but after everthing was finished it became a very nice playing bass w/ a pretty solid tone. because i could do some of the work myself it didn't cost too much to fix, but figure on adding about $400 or so to the cost to get it set up and playing properly. not a bad bass for $1200. i still use it a lot for jazz gigs, sounds a bit like a plywood kay! i would still look around a bit for a used instrument (other than a cremona) there are some decent basses out there for not too much moola that might suit you better. good luck!

: Tim is right. The chinese bass can be made playable, I have one that has great tone and is very loud but it did need everything replaced but the body.$500 purchase + $500 set up.
: I bought it as a cheap way to see if the dbl bass was for me, well, it is and I can see the need to move up to a carved bass real quick.So if you can spare the extra dough spend it on a better bass. and be wary of all basses, get them checked out by a teacher you trust. I have also heard crappy basses that supposedly had the "proper Pedigree' to go along with the $7000 price tag.
: Bottom line boys, is how does a poor boy aquire a good bass, some of the snots I talk to think that poor folks have no business playing the bass.

i agree with armenta`s comments when he says "how does a poor boy aquire a good bass".there was no way i would have been able to spend big bucks on my first bass,not knowing if i would enjoy playing it! so i purchased a bass of unknown eastern origin,had a local guy set it up ($150)got a good pickup and preamp,strings and whilst i have no illusions about either my ability or the quality of my bass ,i think it sounds pretty good.but as everyone says.....beware,take a good look,and listen.

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