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Posted by Mark Paschal on March 22, 2001 at 02:40:15:

In Reply to: Re: Bass strings??? posted by browntrout on March 15, 2001 at 14:38:49:

: : Mark--try any new strings? It is trange how well the Cremonas CAN sound--I believe it can all be traced to quality control--many bad basses, a few lucky hits resulting in some great sounding basses. I sold my cremona, with no regrets; the englehardt is sounding better. Oh yes, I lowered the action a bit and that opened the Englehardt up some, a little warmer now.

: : : : A luthier I know mentioned that Englehardt recently upgraded the stock strings on their basses from the cheapie (and awful) Supersensitives to D'Addario Helicores (Orchestra, I think). Somehow I suspect you have the former, which, as you say, deserve replacement.


: : I just bought an Englehardt, as well (a EC1). Are these DiAddario strings the ones with the purple ends that came on mine? I also noticed that the Englehardt didn't have the low end tone of a Cremona, and I changed to the Supersensitives (I know, I'm cheap.) I guess I should shell out the extra dough for the Spirocore, because I can't get a sound even equal to the Cremona piece of junk I have.

: : Also, are the D'Addario OK for jazz (pizz only) or should I stick with the Supersensitive until I can afford the Spirocore?

: : Thanks for for any help you can offer.

Thanks for the reply. I lowered the action a little bit on the Englehardt and it helped.

I emailed Englehardt and they said that the purple wrapped strings that came on my EC-1 are LaBella RC-610's. I have read nothing but bad things about them.

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