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Posted by Mik Walker on May 09, 2001 at 16:48:20:

In Reply to: Re: WAL Bass guitars posted by Stephen Robertson on April 11, 2001 at 09:36:46:

Hi Robbie

Stephen is absolutely correct. Wal are still in business and going strong. In fact I run a Yahoo club devoted to all things Wal so you might like to come and check us out at
It's free to join and occasionally we all even learn something. With over 100 members, several of whom own multiple Wals, there's a lot of expertise on hand to help out with any questions.

Ian Waller, one of the founders of Electric Wood, did indeed pass away, sadly and unexpectedly, a good few years ago now. Pete "The Fish" Stevens has continued to run Electric Wood ever since and can be contacted directly for any requirements you might have. Although, electronically, the Wal has not changed hugely since the time of Wal himself the original design was so good that it compares well against many far newer designs. Pete Stevens has developed 5 and 6 string versions of the bass and there are now several body styles and fingerboard length combinations available.

Wals seem to hold a reasonable value on the used market. I'm from England but now based in the USA. Pros are fairly rare these days but seem to be dropping in value as they are beginning to be classed as an "older" bass and several key component parts, notably the switches, are now very hard to come by, even for the guys at Wal.
The Customs are seen to be more tradeable basses as the design is newer and remains current. Some people feel there is an added value to basses built while Ian Waller was still alive although there is generally no way of proving if he was actually involved in the making of a particular bass as the date and signature (found inside the control cavity on most Wals and sometimes on the neck heel) relate purely to whoever performed a final check on a bass, not who built it.

That said, there are a few collectors who actively seek to get their hands on Pros so there will almost certainly always be a market for them too.

Just let me know if I can be of any further help.


Mik Walker

: Don't worry Robbie.
: Wal are still going strong, but i believe Wal himself died a year or two ago.

: Check out as somebodies selling a Custom on that.
: Not sure if it's fretless though.

: I'm sure Wal actually trade under the name Electric Wood, based in High Wycombe England. Phone the Bass Centre in London, they tend to be pretty clued up. Check out for their email or phone number.

: Best of luck.

: : I have owned a Wal Pro (fretted)bass since the 1980's.
: : I think that it a fantastic bass guitar, however I have been wanting a Wal Custom (fretless) and I cannot find one anywhere. I have even tried to buy new from a Music Store but I cannot find any stores which have any Wal's. Infact I have been informed that Wal no longer exist, does that mean I will never get my Fretless Wal? And does that mean my Wal Pro will be worth more than it already is?
: : If anyone can inform me of any of these questions I would be grateful and if anyone wanted to sell me a Wal I would be happy to buy it.
: : Cheers
: : Robbie

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