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Posted by Andy Seed on June 06, 2001 at 16:56:21:

In Reply to: Re: A shell of its former self posted by Ed on June 05, 2001 at 16:02:46:

: Yup, it does.
: It's helpful to point the article out, implying dire consequences (you should check out before you buy)maybe isn't so helpful.
: Likewise your wording about Kays, sure you didn't say anything specific, but the implication was there. Again, you want to ask a question (Why are there so many Kays for sale) that's one thing, implying that such numbers constitute 'dumping" is something else entirely. Even on your side of the pond.
: My inquiry as to what and who you play with was just to determine if you actually played the instrument or were just some 15 year old taking a break from working on Korn tabs.
: Oh, here's a question. How old can a "very old German plywood" bass be? Oh and being a Brit and all, have you gotten to check out any of Paul Bryant's basses?

I didn't imply any consequences dire or otherwise as I'm not biased at all about Corelli strings (you on the other hand obviously are !) all I did was point out that there was an article about them in Double Bassist.If he had been asking about Pyramid strings I would have said there was an article in issue 16 , Pirastro in issue 15 etc etc.
As for your remark about my question on Kay basses I NEVER ONCE MENTIONED ANYONE DUMPING KAYS, - are you sure that you're not a paranoid Kay fanatic who only uses Corelli strings ????
So far so good, my old ply bass is about 50 years old ( made in the early 1950's ) and although nothing special it's got a nice slim neck and sounds fairly reasonable for the rockabilly gigs that I do but for blues gigs I prefer my Michael Glas.When recording I normally use the ply bass as I can get a nice Willie Dixon-ish thump out of it for C.D's but for jazz or slower blues I always use the Glas in the studio.

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