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Posted by Ed on June 20, 2001 at 12:16:13:

In Reply to: Re: End pin vibration posted by Andy Seed on June 13, 2001 at 23:53:44:

Anybody think that endpin length might NOT be the cause of the vibration/rattle?
Also, the cat never said how much endpin he has OUTSIDE the bass. If he has a "quarter" of the endpin in the bass we're looking at 10 inches (at the very least), my Goetz endpin is only about 14" long altogether.
So if he's got that much inside, he may actually be sitting on the crutch tip. Sure it's all speculation, but you tell me, how much extension you goty outside the bass. Personally, the first place I would check would be the collar. It may be that the screw is not turned tight enough, that there is wear between the collar and pin so that, even with the screw tight enough to hold the pin in place, there is still enough movement for the pin to rattle.
Most of the arguments for cutting the endpin have to do with its absorption of string vibration, NOT noise that it makes. And, from the study that I've seen, it's kinda like different adjuster material. The difference in sound is miniscule, generally measurable but unhearable. Kind of like having a turntable with .00000000000275% of flutter, rather than .00000000000282%.
So, MARK, if you're telling me that you've had the bass checked out and it's NOT the collar connection and it's NOT anything else loose in the bass AND you've got a good 3-5 inches of end pin outside the bass, go ahead and cut, if you want to.
I would just be surprised if that was actually the problem.
Oh, one other thing to check, does your pin have a screw on crutch tip? I know on the Goetz sometimes the tip isn't screwed on tight and that can give you a little buzz or rattle.

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