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Posted by Mark on June 24, 2001 at 17:53:35:

In Reply to: Re: End pin vibration posted by Andy Seed on June 16, 2001 at 12:39:31:

I followed Andys advice and cut about 6-8 inches off the end piece on the weekend and problem solved. Thse Bass sounds great and thanks to Andy for his "Positive" and "Practical" advice!
: : All this stuff about endpins and "purists" is hoo-haw. In olden days, there would have been a wooden pin that was cut to suit the height of the player. That's all that our friend proposed above. So this IS a purist solution.

: :
: : : : : : Hi, I've just bought my first upright and have noticed that I am getting vibration noise from inside the Bass due to the end pin bar. The bar goes about a quarter of the way inside the Bass and I am wondering if it is too long? Is there a way around this?

: : : : : Yep there's a way round it but it sounds drastic - don't worry it's not !
: : : : : If you always have your bass at the same playing height first set your bass to your desired height.Next mark round the endpin next to the ferrule ( the part that the endpin goes through ) with a marker pen .
: : : : : Now pull th endpin out about three inches and mark it again there ( this is your cutting mark ) then simply cut it off !
: : : : : The remainder of the endpin will still be inside your bass but if you turn it upside down you can get it out through the f-hole. You'll have to trim the ede of the part you are going to use so that it will fit easily through the ferrule (just file the edges of the top of the pin) and when you put it back in , when it's at your playing height , you'll have nothing inside the bass to vibrate -- job done !!!
: : : : : It does not adversely affect your bass IN ANY WAY -- in fact it enhances the sound as you no longer have a couple of feet of o
: Glad to hear a positive response to my suggestion ---- you are right
: the OLD basses did originally have wooden endpins but a lot were converted to the "new" adjustable endpins when they first came out, so as I said the old basses probably haven't got their original endpins.But on thinking about it my suggestion is ,as you say, more "purist" than the (so - called) purists reaction about cutting an endpin if only for the reason that it is the way it was done originally.
: Many thanks,
: Andy.

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