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Posted by Aabra Jaggard on August 13, 2001 at 04:39:31:

In Reply to: harmonics and artificial harmonics ? posted by Ben ( Paris) on July 22, 2001 at 12:40:46:

Hey, Ben--

I'm using the Rabbath-inspired system by Vance entitled, "Progressive Repertoire for the Double Bass." Many of his exercises include harmonics and artificial harmonics, as Rabbath's system divides the bass up into six "nodal points." In the first volume is a map of all the major harmonics, which are something like this:

1/4 down the neck: 2 octaves above the open string (corresponds to a C in the G string.)
1/2 way down: 1 octave above the open (same as the note it sounds when pressed.)
3/4 down: same as 1/4 down. Welcome to wave theory!
1/3 and 2/3s down: the fifth of the open string, just like when pressed down, but an octave higher.

"The Improvisor's Bass Method" by Chuck Sher includes a chart in chapter three of *all* the harmonics. There are 21 (but since I'm just starting out, I've found maybe six of them!)

Another book entitled "Torturous Exercises" by Mark Morton includes a set of exercises on artificial harmonics scales that I have yet to conquer. On the G string, if you place your thumb lightly on the octave (halfway up), then your third finger on the D harmonic a fifth up, in *theory* you'll produce a D one octave *higher* than that, two lines above the treble clef (wow!) That's the only one I can get right so far. :(

I've heard of, but never seen, full size charts of the fingerboard, which I assume includes the location of harmonics. If I find a reliable seller online I'll post the link here.

Here are some helpful links:

1) Understanding Harmonics

This site introduces you to wave theory, which is what harmonics are all about.

2) Harmonics for Guitar

That's where I got the previous links. It's for the guitar, but a lot of the information works for bass as well.

3) Music Theory Online

This physics-laden explanation made my head hurt when I skimmed it.

4) My Shopping Links

Including links to publishers of the books I mentioned above. Good luck! :)

--Aabra Jaggard

: hello all,
: I was wondering if there were any online ressources on harmonics & artificial harmonics and their localisation on the doublebass fingerboard.
: I've been talking to my cellist friend about the subject and experimenting on my own but I still find string lenght division complicated. I'd like information on what is manageable, maybe reference pieces.

: thanks
: ben

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