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Posted by Pete G on August 17, 2001 at 20:52:42:

In Reply to: Re: Chinese Basses posted by Aabra Jaggard on August 16, 2001 at 16:28:24:

Is it possible for a bass to be too loud to play classical music? At least for symphonic play, I thought the trend was to get as big a cannon as you could. A dealer told me a month ago that music contractors in England won't even hire anyone who doesn't have a recognized English boomer.

Volume is less of an issue in chamber music, but even there, I thought that when people talked about chamber basses, the point was that one didn't need to be as loud as a symphony bass, not that it had to be less loud. But I'm no expert, and I'd be glad to be corrected by anyone who knows more than I do, which includes most of you on this list.

: I'm renting-to-own a Christopher bass made in 2000 and the tone has dramatically improved in the two months I've been playing it. I owned a cheapie plywood bass in high school and a 100 year old German flat back in college. The plywood bass was muffled sounding and the German flatback was so loud I could only play jazz on it. I've never been so happy with my sound as I am with the Christopher. My harmonics are clear and the body weight is great for me, a 5'4" female with not-so-developed upper body strength.

: I think if a person wanted to play jazz they might be happier with something cheaper, or louder, and I don't think the price would be suitable for someone just starting out. But for college kids and amatuers, it's a great bass.

: I'm just a former player/beginner so maybe I can't tell how good it sounds, but the shop where I got it from claimed that it was used at an Atlanta jazz festival early this year, so the tone can't be too awful. I'll ask the shopkeep for a recording to hear how he sounds. Anyone know of any recordings of players using Christopher basses?

: --Aabra Jaggard
: jaggard73(at)

: : Has anyone bought one of the higher end Chinese basses?
: : I have seen some of the Christopher basses and they are absolutely beautiful.
: : The prices are very tempting too! I have had a good experience with my 500 dollar Cremona, its warm and twice as loud as the two Kay basses I have gone to see in the under $2000 (plywood) range. There seems to be a general mistrust since there is not a long history of these basses yet. Let us know of your experiences.

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