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Posted by Jeff Utter on October 21, 2001 at 09:30:48:

In Reply to: Re: sad bass situation posted by Don on October 21, 2001 at 08:04:40:

: : Alright, here goes. First some background info. I'm 16, i've been playing bass in my school for about 7 years. the first 4 or 5in only orchestra, now i've moved into marching band (without the marching part) and jazz band/jazz combo.
: : Here's my situation, my school has no budget for music (neither do i) they eliminated the orchestra, now I (the jazzband) has about 5 old (and dying) accoustic basses.
: : My jazzband teacher has me using the only functioning bass left (some are like 1/4 size, too small.... some are missing strings (they can't buy new ones) and one is colapsing)
: : So now i have the only playable bass, and in my opinion it's terrible.. i'm not sure if there's a differance between a classical bass, and a jazz bass, if there is please tell me what this differance is.
: : Also i've seen some professional upright bass players, and they just seem to have such ease, elligance, and movablity in both of their hands. i think my problem in this situation, is the strings? and bridge height, causing too much tension on the strings.
: : If you have any tips on that, or how to remedy it, please tell me.
: : Also are there any exercises you can think of, to help me improve my speed?
: : I also have this problem, with having to use 2 fingers, whenever i pluck to get a decent volume out of the instrument (although it has some crazy pickup that clips onto the side of the bridge) even amplified, it's not very loud.
: : Another, probably unremedably situation i have is small hands. my middle finger, is maybe 2-2 1/2 inches long, i guess there's nthing i can do about this, but i've seen professional bass players, and they seem to have HUGE hands.

: : OK, so overall, i just want to know what i can do to make the best out of this sad situation. i'm told that i'm a good bass player, but i think not.. i go to all the All State, and All County things. (i live in NY btw) so any help would be greatly appreciated.

: : p.s. Sorry for all my poor spelling and grammer :P thanks.

: I suspect that much, if not most, of the difficulty you're experiencing is due to the setup of the bass, i.e., soundpost, bridge location and height, string type, etc. Since the bass is not yours to fix, you're kind of stuck with it. Meanwhile, don't be too hard on yourself. These players you see have good instruments, setup perfectly. If bass is something you want to pursue, the real answer is to buy your own bass. Jazz basses and 'classical' basses are essentially the same. What makes the difference is the setup.

Could you tell me what is different in the setup? i know there's nothing i can chance w/ the soundpost.. but the Bridge/strings, i can probably get my teacher to all me to adjust, if it would make THAT big of a differance
I need to do something, because i've sort of hit a wall, where i can't get any better, and i think it's mostly because of the instrument. I know that since i got my new electric bass, i've gotten a good deal better on that. However, i havne barley progressed at all on the accoustic in the last year or two.
Also, There's no way, me, or my parents could afford a decent accoustic bass.... my dad saw a $600 Carlo Robelli bass in a magazine, and he wants me to get that, but i'm sure it's a piece of garbage.

Thanks again,
Jeff Utter

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