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Posted by Mark Carlsen on October 29, 2001 at 08:19:41:

In Reply to: Re: This is new one to me! posted by François Blais on October 29, 2001 at 07:14:13:

: : : According to things I've read, Francois is sort of on the right
: : : track. The carved bassbar is a throwback to the gamba family
: : : of instruments. When the violin family was invented in the late
: : : 1500's the carved bassbar was dispensed with and replaced with the
: : : glued bassbar. The glued bass bar does a better job of supporting
: : : the higher tension strings of the violin family and helps provide
: : : more volume. For reasons I'm unaware of the carved bass bar (more
: : : commonly called the integrated bass bar) was still used by some
: : : makers for awhile though it's inferiority was known. I believe I read
: : : an article in Bass World by Barrie Kolstein, and I also think _A New
: : : History of the Doublebass_ by Paul Brun touches on the subject.

: : : Judging by the description of the bass (wooden pegs, integrated bass bar),
: : : I'd guess it's probably older than 60 years.

: : I would have to agree with you for the most part.Why do most basses have glued Bass bars today?My whole point with Francois's statement is that you can have a carved bass bar and the instrument is not useless.Has Francois acually played a bass with an integrated Bass bar?And his point that it must be glued I felt was not 100% correct.Thats all I'm saying, My 2 cents worth.

: Mark:
: I said that a carved bassbar was useless, not the instument.
: It seems we agree that these integrated bass bars are found on cheaper instruments. And that nowadays, all good instruments use a glued carved bassbar.
: "Obviously someone with very little knowledge on the subject." is what you told me.
: This is not true and was't very inspiring to get a positive idea exchange.

Francois:Well I guess my Cheap insrument sounds alot better than than most expensive glued types.Again do you have experience w. a cheap integrated model? Are you a Luthier? Are you inspired to answer the Questions?

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