Straus Basses?

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Posted by Aaron on November 08, 2001 at 11:47:43:

Is anyone familiar with the Korean made Straus intruments?

I currently have a Strunal laminate bass which I paid about $2000 for. I recently came across a few Straus basses in the same price range, which, at first glance seem like a better instument (not taking into account the sound). The front and back are solid/carved. The fingerboard is ebony (mine is "ebonized hardwood"), the hardware (machine heads, end-pin) look solid whereas mine look more fine. The fingerboard is also almost twice as thick as mine. The lower part doesn't bend when pressure is applied (mine does). It has beautiful wood grain/flame (mine has very fine, almost invisible grain).

I haven't been unhappy with my Strunal bass and Strunal is a common and reliable name. I've never heard of Straus. Am I just being deceived by appearances? Some of the visible differences may be "style" more than quality. For example, my Strunal has sloped shoulders whereas these have sharper contours and violin corners.

I'd consider selling my bass if this Straus is a much better bass for the same price. I don't want to feel that I didn't get the best bass for my money.

I hope someone will have info to help me make a decision.


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