Re: Most natural sounding p/u & amp?

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Posted by Monte on November 11, 2001 at 14:15:29:

In Reply to: Re: Most natural sounding p/u & amp? posted by Jim on November 11, 2001 at 05:44:07:

: Re:
: >>I really dislike the sound of the Contra and can't hear what a lot of players seem to hear in it. It is a very muddy, non-cutting cabinet, in my opinion. <<

: I too am a little disapointed with the Contra after reading all the recommendations. In some settings with my Realist (and lovely 150 yr old German bass) it's OK, but sometimes it sounds so bad with the speaker facing the floor that I have to tip it up so the woofer faces forward. Granted it has more kick than the GK 150MB, but it's still not perfect by any means. I want the amp to stay neutral and maintain the natural sound of the instrument, like a mic on the bass going through a good PA (with an intelligent soundman...).

: Where did you get the speaker box setup you referred to using with the Acoustic Image Clarus? I'd be interested in checking that combination out. But I'm not seeking the Walter Woods / Bose sound...

I don't want to get into a "your rig sucks" kind of discussion, but the Contra is a very neutral amp. It is now a hot amp that lots of jazz GUITARISTS use for its clean sound. Therefore, I maintain that I believe that the weak link may be the Realist. Have you tried another pickup with it? Even my backup, a $85 K & K Bass Max (great bargain BTW), sounds very natural through the Contra.

IMHO, you can't say that just because lots of good and famous bassists use the Realist, that it is the be all end all of pickups. For one, a large portion of the famous bassists have David Gage as a luthier. Whaddya think they were recommended? Also, lots of traveling bassists want something reliable and easy to use when they are on tour. Previously, most bassists all seemed to use Fishman. Would I recommend the Fishman as a natural sounding pickup?

Once again, if you guys get some one to play your bass with your band while you sit in the audience and are satisfied, then you have the right rig. I've tried about everyting on the market, and nothing is perfect, and a lot is subjective. My point on the Realist is and always has been that it gives you an almost perfect stage sound, but that sound doesn't always carry well. And it is just that, my opinion.


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