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Posted by Jim on November 15, 2001 at 01:29:17:

In Reply to: Re: Most natural sounding p/u & amp? posted by Monte on November 11, 2001 at 14:15:29:

>>>: I don't want to get into a "your rig sucks" kind of discussion, but the Contra is a very neutral amp.

I've found that, like most amps, it's neutral up to a certain volume, then it tends to get that "speaker pointing into the floor sound"... too hard to describe more than that here. Yes, it could be the Realist, but I don't have the same problem with the GK or any board mixes with it. I'll try the Contra with a mic soon; I prefer a mic over all these dumb pickups anyway, I just get to lazy to drag more stuff on gigs and tours.

>>IMHO, you can't say that just because lots of good and famous bassists use the Realist, that it is the be all end all of pickups.<<

It depends what kind of sound you want. If you want the sound of the bass singing through its throat, the f holes, I haven't heard any other PUs that beat it. The last thing I want is to sound like a horn with somethng like a Fishman, with no kick and an unrealistic sustain. That's the trouble with so many of these PUs, they amplify the strings, not the bass! I think that's why so many guys have gone back to gut strings and no amp or some mic. It's far more natural and the bands swing more to my ears, even though they may be buried.
I don't think the function of the bass is to be crystal clear out front, at least while as a member of the rhythm section. We're the heartbeat of the band and (hopefully) important time keepers, at least I try to be in the music I'm involved with, mainstream jazz.

>>Once again, if you guys get some one to play your bass with your band while you sit in the audience and are satisfied, then you have the right rig.<<

That might work if you find someone that plays just like you. Have you noticed how someone like Ray Brown can make a bass kick to the back of the room, then someone else plays it and it sounds like a wet sock and dies 10 feet away?

>>I've tried about everyting on the market, and nothing is perfect, and a lot is subjective<<

I'm with you there.


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