Re: thinking of playing double bass at skool next year....

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Posted by yy on January 01, 2001 at 21:44:33:

In Reply to: Re: thinking of playing double bass at skool next year.... posted by marcus johnson on December 21, 2001 at 11:44:40:

: : : I hope I don't seem lazy to you guys. By lots and lots of practice I meant that your going to soundlike a dying cat unles syou get a good three hours a day. Im just wondering if double bass is an especially hard (compared to say cello or somthing) to play.

First, if you can already read music, the bass is not a difficult instrument to learn. If you're new to music, then it's going to be a lot rougher, but that would be the case on any instrument.

If you're comparing bass to another string instrument like cello or even violin, then i would have to say that it's relatively easier to play the bass. I'm a former violinist and have been playing the bass since i switched over in high school 9 years ago...let's face it--the music is MUCH easier, and although you do have to work to make the tone sound good (as you do on any string instrument), it's easier to handle listening to wrong notes in the lower register than say on a violin where high pitched squeaks are a bit harder to take. Also, it'll be more difficult to sound good when you're using a bow for classical music than when you're mostly just pizzing (plucking the strings) like in jazz.

I would say my biggest challenge with the bass was more physical, in terms of having to press down really hard on the strings and carrying the damn thing around (i'm a girl, what can i say)--you'll definitely get a workout and some callouses, esp. if you play jazz. (can i just say that i would have died without Liquid Skin??)

I would definitely recommend giving it a try. Yeah, the school basses do suck, but it's an expensive instrument to buy for yourself if you're not sure you want to take it seriously. Also, there are so few upright bassists out there that you'll find there are many opportunities to play if you want to take it seriously. I started out playing classical double bass but quickly got into the jazz band, playing in school musicals, to gigging with bands and playing everything from bluegrass to hiphop.

good luck :)

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