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Re: Stringing/Re-stringing an URB

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Posted by Rich Laird ( on March 17, 2002 at 09:00:04:

In Reply to: Stringing/Re-stringing an URB posted by Koby on March 16, 2002 at 17:43:50:

: What is the best way to string or re-string an URB?

I usually do two strings at a time...usually the A and E, then the G and D. This way you keep some tension on the top at all times.

If you take all the strings off, chances are pretty good that your soundpost will drop, as well as the bridge. It's also a pretty good idea to keep the bass on its back for most of the process.

Unwind the old E-string and the A-string. Then thread the E-string through the tailpiece, etc. and onto the tuning peg. DO NOT cut the strings. This works OK for guitar/bass guitar strings but URB strings will unravel. Thread the whole thing onto the peg.

Sometimes people pull the strings through the peg hole almost all the way and then just wind them on for two or three turns around the peg. That's when you end up with those really tacky-looking ends sticking out ot the peg box. I guess some people think that's sort of classy, but they can scrach your face when you're playing and the bass probably won't stay in tune very well.

With each string, it's a good idea to be really careful about making sure it wraps around the peg as evenly as possible. It can be a hassle (sometimes a small screwdriver helps), but it's really worthwhile to keep the coils of the string up close and tight to each other. Also, you want to work things out so each string feeds down onto the nut as straight as possible.

Through experience, I've learned to be really fastidious about all this stuff. It really seems to pay off in terms of keeping the bass in tune when you're playing.

I do the E-string first 'cause if you wind the A-string on first, it's in the way when you're trying to do the E, since it runs over the top of the E.

After you've gotten the A and E done, tune them up (at least get them close) and then unwind the G and D and repeat the process. Do the G first, cause it's easier to do without the D-string in the way.

It's quite a little chore...don't try to rush things the first time you do it.

...Hope that helps

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