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Re: mic amplification?

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Posted by dg ( on April 08, 2002 at 22:50:05:

In Reply to: Re: mic amplification? posted by JT Murphy on April 08, 2002 at 16:56:00:

Thanks for the input. You're scaring me though. I'm looking for something that is simple and doesn't cost a $bazillion. My goal was to build a small (size and price), personal "PA" for my bass that I could plug my mic into and mix in the transducer as needed (as little as possible). From your comments, it sounds the Realsist is at the center of you system and you rely more on the blender and preamp and a little bit from the mic to get the sound you want. So am I naive thinking this (or any) mic through my small, personal, bass "PA" is going to end my search?

: : Coming to the realization that I want my bass to sound like my bass, I'm going the mic (AMT?) route. Instead of a conventional bass amp (Clarus), I'm considering something a EA 1x10 cab powered by something like a Carvin 150W (@8 Ohm) PA rack amplifier and then a small Behringer mixer so that I can potentially mix my Realist with the mic and would give me the flexibility to throw in a 1/3 octave EQ if needed. Is this stupid? or am I better off going the EA/Clarus route?

: I can tell you that I am currently using the Clarus amp and EA 1x10 with a Realist pickup and the AMT mic with what I consider to be excellent results. I blend the two with a Raven Labs Master Blender which has a three band eq for each channel. I also use a Sadowsky preamp between the Realist and the Blender (not necessary but I just like the color the Sadowsky gives to my sound) and an Aguilar all-tube direct box between the Blender and the Clarus (again not necessary but I like to warm the sound up a bit).

: The sound is very much "my bass" and not the least bit electric sounding (when I want an electric sound I use an Aguilar 1x12 cabinet).

: FYI, I got a very nice sound with just the Realist but the mic adds just a bit more woodiness and a very slightly more realistic sound. The Realist alone was very good.

: Before I bought the Clarus, I was very hesitant because the Clarus doesn't have much power (read "headroom") but so far I have been happy with it. I have a Walter Woods (1200 watts) on order but the Clarus is doing just fine for now. The Clarus alone doesn't give a whole lot of EQ options but when combined with the Raven Labs Master Blender and the Sadowsky, I get the EQ options I need for the sound I want.

: My thoughts on Behringer is that their gear is a bit cheap. I would recommend Mackie if you go the route you're considering but my first choice would be the Raven Master Blender: it does everything you need and is battery powered and very small. I have used the Raven Labs Blender direclty into an SWR Stereo 800 amp (no preamp) with good results too but I like the Clarus better. A PA amp would be similar to my SWR amp set up and would certainly work. I would rather have the EQ designed specifically for bass (on the Master Blender) rather than that of a mixer and the Blender is a lot smaller. The EQ centers are more appropriate for bass than would be a PA amp.

: Good luck finding you sound!

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