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Re: mic amplification?

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Posted by JT Murpphy ( on April 09, 2002 at 15:26:03:

In Reply to: Re: mic amplification? posted by dg on April 08, 2002 at 22:50:05:

: Thanks for the input. You're scaring me though. I'm looking for something that is simple and doesn't cost a $bazillion.

The Raven Labs Master Blender is about $250. You don't need the Sadowsky preamp or the Aguilar direct box, I just added them because (1) I already had them, (2) they add to the sound I want by a very small degree.

My goal was to build a small (size and price), personal "PA" for my bass that I could plug my mic into and mix in the transducer as needed (as little as possible). From your comments, it sounds the Realsist is at the center of you system and you rely more on the blender and preamp and a little bit from the mic to get the sound you want. So am I naive thinking this (or any) mic through my small, personal, bass "PA" is going to end my search?

The problem with the mic v. the Realist is that the mic feeds back earlier than the Realist. Although the AMT is quite good at limiting feedback.

Bottom line, I find that the speaker cabinet is more important to the sound than anything else. The EA 1x10 is the most natural sounding cabinet I have ever found. You might also try the EA 1x12, I've tried this too and find it quite good. I have several different cabinets all of which I have tried and you'd be surprised by the enormous difference in sound with once cabinet over the other.

Your idea of a power amp with a mixer would sound very good with the EA 1x10. I would simply stress the Raven Labs Master Blender (or even the Fishman blender - very similar) over a regular PA mixer. Couple the EA, Blender, power amp, and Realist/AMT mic combo and you will have a very good natural sound indeed.


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