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Re: Kay vs Englehardt

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Posted by Don Cornwell ( on April 10, 2002 at 06:51:54:

In Reply to: Re: Kay vs Englehardt posted by Adrian Zavala on April 09, 2002 at 23:24:52:

: Thanks Rich,
: Your right, there really isnt anything "wrong" with my Kay other than the cosmetic stuff and the fretboard. I think what Im really debating is that if a new ES9 is pretty much the same as my "old" Kay, why not have the "new" ES9 and bypass all the shopwork and repairs. I just started playing a few months ago and purchased this Kay for $400. At the time, I didnt know what I had was a popular bass. What I guess my question comes down to is "Why does everyone rather have an old beat up Kay than a brand new Swingmaster?" What is the "demand" all about? Is it just the same like buying an old 65 mustang and fixing it up rather than purchasing a better car brand new from the dealer which is going to last longer and give you less problems. Is the Kay name all hype or is there a valid reason to play it over a new bass of the exact same construction? I would love some insight into this question. Thanks for the reply to my post! Adrian

FWIW, I own a '63 C-1 that I paid $550 for and
have spent an additional $300 on strings, bridge
work and re-glueing. It is probably worth $1000-
1250 and I wouldn't trade even for a new S-9.
The only significant difference is that the Kay
and Englehardt M and S series use(d) a higher grade spruce and maple laminate than the Concert series, but the point made in an earlier response is valid that there seems to be a noticeable difference in the construction and materials of Kays and Englehardts. The only good Englehardts that I have heard were '70's models that have broken in-a 6-10 year process sometimes in a laminated bass. A new Englehardt S-9 may look
nicer and may eventually sound better than your
C-1 but given the cost and time involved, I would
only recommend an Englehardt when someone only
wants a brand new laminated bass or can't find a
decent used one. Good luck, Don Cornwell

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