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Support Howard Dean for President in 2004

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Posted by ( on August 11, 2003 at 01:01:49:

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Is former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean way left, or has the Democratic Party moved way right?

Recently, controversy has been brewing over whether Gov. Dean may be too liberal for the Democratic Party. Last week, fellow Democratic Presidential hopeful Joe Lieberman said “I believe that that kind of candidate could lead the Democratic Party into the political wilderness for a long time to come. It could be, really, a ticket to nowhere.”

Dean has said he's not a “left winger”, but rather, he represents the “Democratic wing of the Democratic Party”, and suggests that many of his fellow colleagues have simply moved too far to the right.

Dean has been outspoken against Bush Administration policies, and those Democrats (including Lieberman) that have voted in favor of them. Dean has said this campaign is about more then just the Presidency, it's about reclaiming the Democratic Party for the American People, so Independents, Libertarians, and Green Party supporters can proudly vote Democratic again.

So what makes Gov. Dean way left?

Is it because he wants equal-rights under the law for all Americans - regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference?

Is it because he wants to provide quality health care, and low cost prescription drug benefits to all Americans?

Is is because he's willing to stand up to big business to protect good paying jobs in America from going overseas?

Is it because he wants to increase the minimum wage to help bring working families above the poverty level?

Is it because he wants to make amends with (evil) France and Germany?

Is it because he respects the establishment of the United Nations?

Is it because he won't support war unless absolutely necessary?

Is it because he wants to bring our troops home?

Is is because he supports the constitutional separation of Church and State?

Is it because he wants to protect the enviorment?

Is it because he wants a more fair system of taxation?

Is it because he wants to save Social Security by removing the cap the rich pay into it?

Is it because he wants to provide more money for education?

Is it because he wants to provide more money for Homeland Security?

Is it because he wants to provide High-Speed Internet Access to rural communities?

Or is it because he wants to repeal the trillion-dollar Bush tax cuts to pay for universal health care, homeland security, education, a balanced budget, and investments in job creations?

These things are not liberal left-wing ideals, what they are, is the right thing to do for America.

Visit us on the web @ and Support Howard Dean for President!

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