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Re: New Toby Basses by Tobias

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Posted by jb on February 23, 2001 at 14:53:22:

In Reply to: New Toby Basses by Tobias posted by Josh on February 05, 2001 at 20:54:41:

I just picked up one of these basses myself. Just arrived in the mail yesterday. I play left-handed and it's hard to find an inexpensive lefty axe. These are "Gibson Tobias" basses, not Michael Tobias', and mine is from Taiwan.

My feelings on this axe are mixed. It's got a great body style and a really nice high gloss, bright red translucent finish on maple. Can't beat the looks... it's got the "Looks That Kill".

PLAYABILITY is pretty good, but I need more time on it and some different strings to really make a good comment on this area. I like 105 E string GHS Boomers. They're great sounding, smooth and fast. The strings that came on this are about the same diameter scale, but are rough; nowhere near as smooth as the Boomers. Almost feels like you're playing on rat-tail files. They are rough on the fingers.

Neck has a satin finish on it that my thumb wants to stick to hear and there. Maybe just from being new and not as clean as it should be (I just picked it up and started playing). I need to hit it with some polish or something. Neck is pretty thin height-wise, which I like, and a little wider than my Fender Jazz neck.

BIG NEGATIVES: My bass came with the truss rod tightened so much it was noticably arched upwards. I needed to loosen that up before I could even play the thing. I still need to try fine tuning it more. From this I worry of unseen hairline fractures or cracks on the neck.
One of the small screws on the back side of the tuning peg was broke off - evidently during building. They just left it that way. The body of the screw is still in the headstock with no head on it. These 2 things really piss me off.

I still have noticable fret buzz. Hopefully tweaking with the truss rod more will eliminate it, but I'm not that confident on that. Also, my D string doesn't play well open at all. I think it is something with the string/nut seating, but am not sure. Like I said I just got it yesterday.

Still playing with the sound, but it's not bad. Going through an older Carvin ST300 guitar head and a fender cabinet with 2-15" speakers. I noticed that the tonal output is pretty even from the open E to the upper registers on the G. That is actually better than on my fender.

So there you have it. I like the tonality, love the looks, but don't like the production quality. Jury is still out in my book. I may return it within the 30 day period. If looks are important and you can't find anything in a store in the same price range, I'd say go for it... but if you can actually play something you like, get that one instead. This Taiwan thing seems to be a crapshoot.

PS: Chris Squire is excellent, but don't forget Steve Harris, Geddy Lee, Geezer Butler and John Entwistle.

: Are there any relatively experienced bassists out there who can tell me about the new Toby Deluxe 4 bass----the one at ? I've been playing bass a few years but am a long time musician. I'm currently playing a KOREA Squire Precision Bass, but I'm not exactly thrilled with it. (big surprise, right?) I saw these basses online and I played one of the pros that was great but I'm wondering if it's worth it to sell my squire (I payed 250, the price of the toby) for it and get the toby. It may not be enough of an improvement to upgrade, I don't know. Any help regarding the bass would be great. Peace.

: -Josh
: Chris Squire IS the fish

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