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Re: question about drivers

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Posted by Mickster on February 23, 2001 at 17:29:54:

In Reply to: question about drivers posted by Dick N. Sider on February 23, 2001 at 15:53:01:

: I'm currently playing through a Mesa/Boogie half-stack: Bass 400+ head and a 4x10 cab and was wondering if adding a 1x15 or 1x18 cab would be worth it?

: now my current rig sounds great but I wouldn't mind adding some bigger bottom

: since I only play with a 4-string bass, would using a 15 or 18 inch driver really add to my sound? are big drivers just for 5/6 string basses?

: thanks

Hey Dick, what's up? A 15 or 18 will make any bass sound fuller, no matter how
many strings. Whatever size driver you use falls short somewhere,larger drivers
sacrifice some highs, smaller ones some lows. This is because no one driver can
accurately reproduce all frequencies. This is the reason that stereo speakers
are actually woofer/tweeter or woofer/midrange/tweeter enclosures. Now, if you
added a 15 or an 18 to your amp(must be same ohm rating) it would sound fuller,
but you'd really have to try the exact cabinet you're thinking of buying with
your amp and see how it sounds to you. What would be most efficient, but, more
of a pain in the butt, would be to buy a 15 or 18 cab, and then run your rig
Bi-amped. When you run an amp "Bi-amped" the full output of your amp goes to a
crossover(a device which divides lower and higher frequencies) then you run the
low cable to the 15/18, and the high cable to the 4x10 cab. This way only the
lowest freqencies go to the 15/18, and the highs go to the 4x10.In effect it
makes your rig one half of a stereo system, but, only for low frequencies. If
you don't run it Bi-amped, all the frequencies go to both cabs, and they almost
compete with each other to produce all these frequencies. It doesn't mean it will sound bad, but,I've known some guys who went this route, and didn't get
the result they wanted in proportion to the bucks they laid out. Some of the newer amps have a Bi-amp feature built in, which saves a lot of experimenting.
One thing I can tell everyone here from years of experience with guitar amps, and even more involvement with stereos, is that you can't judge a particular
speaker/enclosure just by written specs. You have to hear them live.As I've
said previously, I have a pair of Bose stereo speakers with 5.25 inch woofers
in them that literally shake the house when I crank the amp. I couldn't believe them when the guy in the store demonstrated them for me. The reason they sound
so good is that, even though they're small for woofers, they are in an optimaly
ported cabinet for the frequencies they produce. If you hadn't ever heard these
speakers and just compared them on paper to another speaker with, say a 10 inch
woofer, you'd have passed by the better(fuller) sounding speaker.

Hope this helped,

P.S. I just remembered, another solution is to buy a cabinet that has say, 1x15
and 2x10s in one enclosure, with the crossover built in, but, then the cabs get
kinda big and not that many manufacturers make them. Good Weekend.

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