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One pickup or two?

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Posted by Mickster on March 05, 2001 at 15:47:34:

A few months ago I read a tone tip in Bass Player Magazine, and one of the questions they asked a few players and manufacturers was: Do you think a bass
should have one pickup, or two, and what are your reasons.


As both a poll, and a topic of discussion, I ask all you Friends, Romans and
Countrymen (women too) Which is your preference, and how do you back up this
opinion? I'll go first.(It's my post)

Although I used to think to the contrary, I now feel that a bass only needs one
pickup to sound good. I know with two pickups that you have more tone variations, but, I feel with just one pickup you concentrate more on your playing, and less on the tone of the instrument. Also, with one pickup you have a less complicated instrument; less wiring and switching. One opinion in defence
of the one pickup cause states that with only one pickup you can get a truer tone since there's less of a magnetic field to influence the strings' vibrations. One thing that really changed my mind was my new Jack Casady bass.
It's only got one pickup, but, it has such a different and true tone, one is all it needs. I also have a fretless Jazz, but, I usually use only the bridge
pup. Now, think of a Musicman Stingray and how good it sounds. Its one pickup
is positioned roughly between where the two pickups are on a Jazz Bass, what
really is the difference? If you think back to the late 70s/early 80s: Whatever
happened to the two pickup version of the Stingray, known as The Sabre? Two pups, but, not that many players bought them.

One last thing to think of is: If you play acoustic bass guitar or an upright,
how many pickups do you have? As I said, I just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Remember, there's no right or wrong here, just different opinions. Thanks everyone.


One word of advice: Never try to *PICKUP* two women in the same bar at the same
time... it doesn't end well.

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