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Re: One pickup or two?

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Posted by Dave Wood on March 06, 2001 at 00:30:01:

In Reply to: One pickup or two? posted by Mickster on March 05, 2001 at 15:47:34:

: A few months ago I read a tone tip in Bass Player Magazine, and one of the questions they asked a few players and manufacturers was: Do you think a bass
: should have one pickup, or two, and what are your reasons.

: so...

: As both a poll, and a topic of discussion, I ask all you Friends, Romans and
: Countrymen (women too) Which is your preference, and how do you back up this
: opinion? I'll go first.(It's my post)

: Although I used to think to the contrary, I now feel that a bass only needs one
: pickup to sound good. I know with two pickups that you have more tone variations, but, I feel with just one pickup you concentrate more on your playing, and less on the tone of the instrument. Also, with one pickup you have a less complicated instrument; less wiring and switching. One opinion in defence
: of the one pickup cause states that with only one pickup you can get a truer tone since there's less of a magnetic field to influence the strings' vibrations. One thing that really changed my mind was my new Jack Casady bass.
: It's only got one pickup, but, it has such a different and true tone, one is all it needs. I also have a fretless Jazz, but, I usually use only the bridge
: pup. Now, think of a Musicman Stingray and how good it sounds. Its one pickup
: is positioned roughly between where the two pickups are on a Jazz Bass, what
: really is the difference? If you think back to the late 70s/early 80s: Whatever
: happened to the two pickup version of the Stingray, known as The Sabre? Two pups, but, not that many players bought them.

: One last thing to think of is: If you play acoustic bass guitar or an upright,
: how many pickups do you have? As I said, I just wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on this. Remember, there's no right or wrong here, just different opinions. Thanks everyone.

: Mickster

: One word of advice: Never try to *PICKUP* two women in the same bar at the same
: time... it doesn't end well.

I do think one "pup" is all you need but another one doesn't bother me unless it's infront of slapping so it might as well be there to help get more tones. Actually if the pups are in good possitions you can play clear and fast over the bridge pup and get a more soft tone by playing over the neck pup.

Dave Wood

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