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Re: I need some help with finding a new Head/Cab set-up

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Posted by Mickster on March 06, 2001 at 12:07:42:

In Reply to: I need some help with finding a new Head/Cab set-up posted by on March 05, 2001 at 21:28:20:

: I'm a 16 year old bassist with 3 years of bass playign behind me. I have an Ibanez 600 series and am looking for a nice new amp and cab to back it up. Im in a small punk/jam band(i know thats an interesting combination) and we play small venues and clubs. I have a Crate BX100 right now but i just want BIGGER! Im trying to stay away from combos; what im trying to get is nice rack set up. I'm just having a lot of trouble coming across info about amps and cabs without running into some representative type person trying to get me to buy their product.
: Thanks
: P.S. Im trying to keep my budget around $900

Hey Melman, what's up?

Since you mentioned punk I'd suggest you step up to about 400 watts for the head, and a 2x15 or 4x10 bottom. The only thing is the money. The equipment I
just suggested would run about $500.00 for the head, and about $600.00 or so for the bottom, without tax or shipping, so now we're talking about $1,200.00
total, which is a little over your budget. Can you scrape up the extra? To keep
it around $900.00, you'd either have to get a big combo or a lower powered head. If you've got a 100watt amp already, going to 200watts isn't that much
of a difference, so I'd say try to get the extra bread together, this way you
only have to upgrade once. I know money gets in the way of everything, but, c'est la vie. As for brands, I can personally recommend Fender, Hartke or Gallien Krueger, but, you really should hear each one for yourself. Salesmen can be a pain, so the more experience you have with each brand, the less B.S.
you have to listen to from them. To get a feel of what's out there try:

This way at least you'll know power ratings and bottom specs the next time you
go to a music store.

Good luck,

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