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Re: Metallica looking for a new bassist?

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Posted by Borknagar on March 13, 2001 at 18:14:01:

In Reply to: Re: Metallica looking for a new bassist? posted by Mickster on March 12, 2001 at 16:07:14:

That's a bit unfair, both to metallica and to jazzmusicians don't you think?

I mean, just becous jazz breakups and hardships aren't as recognized as big bands like metallica (yeah yeah, jazz is big too, but you know what I mean) doesn't mean they do not have their share of trouble.

Many jazz cats have had some really ugly battles with drugs, bandmembers and record deals going sour. I play some rock-n-roll aswell as jazz, and friends of mine in both genres have their fair share of it. It has happened that I left a band becous of uncompatible ideas even.

I suspect musicians encounter pretty much the same problems no matter what style he plays, if they play professionally. Even if they aren't the best (or if they ARE the best).

So no reason to bash at Newstead - Newsted or whatever his name is. I'm sure he does the best he can, as most people do.

Peace, love and compation man! (You grow up in the flowerpower era and you cant help but get a little inspired ;-)


: :
: : : I recently heard that from a friend and I was wondering if you have any information to back-up this rumour. I'm far from a Metallica fan but it's interesting to know these things. But hey, if what I heard was true all you metal guys out there maybe this is your chance to get into the real deal.

: : Dave,
: : It's true!

: : Jason Newstead has quit Metallica, basically because he says they treated him like shit; he's files a lawsuit against the band, too, so you can bet that it's gonna get ugg-lee pretty fast...

: : And I'd put money that this is going to nail Metallica's coffin shut, all things considered.

: : -Bob

: See you guys, with heavy metal music being so loud and the bands and their fans
: acting so violently, it's no wonder that they have such major problems. Now if a
: Jazz musician has a problem, you can be sure it's minor.

: I'm not apologizing for that one!

: Mickster

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