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Re: How many of us are there?

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Posted by Dave Wood on March 15, 2001 at 02:32:18:

In Reply to: How many of us are there? posted by Mickster on March 14, 2001 at 16:20:20:

: How many bass players are there? About 1.4 million. You decide if this sounds
: right. This is verbatum from part of an article by Editor In Chief Richard Johnston from the February 2001 issue of Bass Player Magazine.(page 4)

: "There are a lot of us. No one's made a definite count of bass players, but a
: 1994 Gallup survey found there were 13,640,000.00 amateur guitarists in the U.S. Our marketing folks estimate there's one bass player for every ten guitarists, which would mean nearly 1.4 million bass players in the U.S. alone--
: not including pros. In contrast to earlier decades, most bassists now start on
: electric rather than on acoustic upright or guitar."

: I somehow imagined more, but who am I to argue with a Gallup survey? I used to
: think that a Gallop survey would tell you how many horses were running at any
: one time.--- Sorry all!

: Mickster

: P.S. With a 10:1 ratio, we can pick and choose the bands we're in.

Let's see now, there's me and you Mickster then there's Bob 'Skippy' Blechinger, Blisshead, Pat Harrington, Datsgor, Bob the bass player, we haven't heard of him in a while or have we. Also there's five local guys that I know. That's a dozen bassists, only 1,363,988 to go.
Seriously now, I think it's true what you said about us been able to choose the bands we're in. One thing that evens things out a little bit is that there's more guitarists in proportion to bassists who just play at home and never even try or want to get into bands. On the other hand there isn't always a guitarist but there's almost always a bassist in a group, though this applys more in the jazz scenes probably.
One thing that made me play the bass as opposed to the guitar in the beginning was the fact that bassists are much more needed in bands. Later of course I've "fallen in love" with the bass and really love to play it. I have guitar equipment also but most of the time they just wait in the corner for the odd times I play WITH them.
But enough about me. All in all I think you should be able to get into the kind of bands you want to.

Dave Wood

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